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Kerala Water Authority - Revised due date for water bill payment and rate of fine for delayed payment of Domestic consumers have been revised w.e.f 01/09/2021 vide order No 1401/SS I(RMC)/2021/KWA Dated 24/08/2021.

Date 24-08-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Circular issued vide No.7838/E1/2021/KWA Dated 22/04/2021 regarding the staff arrangement and office working due to Covid 19 pandemic.
Date 23-04-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - KWA Cash Counter will be Open in all days from 9 am to 5 pm including holodays in March 2021 vide Circular No.KWA//HO/RMC/R2/326/2021 Dated 04/03/2021.

Date 05-03-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Vide Letter No.13456/G-SPARK I/2019/KWA Dated 25/02/2021, direction issued for keeping G-Spark DDO Username and Password confidential .

Date 28-02-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Issued circular vide No.13456/G-SPARK I/2019/KWA Dated 24/02/2021 on updation of Leave in Service Book as on 31/12/2020 for entering leave details in GSpark

Date 26-02-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Implementation of flow failure alert system developed by Sri Ajithkumar, Head Operator Malappuram vide order No.15056/AE II(OP)/2020/KWA dated 24/02/2021.

Date 25-02-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - -Shifting of post of Law Officer from Head Office to Legal Cell, Kochi for administrative convenience vide order No.3298/E2(A)/2021/KWA Dated 13/02/2021.

Date 13-02-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Re designation of the Chief Engineer (PPD & WASCON) as the Chief Engineer (Sewerage,PPD &WASCON) - orders issued vide No.3349/E1/2021/KWA Dated 12/02/2021.

Date 13-02-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Deployment of Smt.Seeja J Selin, Executive Engineer to Audit Wing vide Order No.3286/E2(A)/2020/KWA Dated 10/02/2021.

Date 13-02-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Dearness Allowance w.e.f 01/01/2019 Sanctioned to State Govt Employees & Pensioners vide GO(P) No.25/2021/Fin Dated 08/02/2021 is extended to Kerala Water Authority Employees and Service pensioners vide order No.3266/E1/2021/KWA Dated 11/020/2021.

Date 13-02-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Circular Regarding the submission of Sef appraisal and confidential report vide No.16443/E9/2020/KWA Dated 18/01/2021.

Date 22-01-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Provisional Appointment of Assistant Engineers in the scale of pay of Rs. 40800 - 85000/- through Kerala Public Service Commission -Re-posting Order vide No: 9891/E4(A)/2017/KWA Dated 20/01/2021

Date 21-01-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Deployment of Last Grade Servant for Meter Reading Purpose - Enhancement of Special Allowance vide Order No.KWA/JB/E1-6612/2003 Dated 02/12/2009.

Date 07-01-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Revision of tariff of Guest House / Inspection Bungalows revised vide order 7252/AE2(SU)/2018/KWA dated 13/03/2020.

Date 07-01-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Revised Meter reading target w.e.f 01/01/2021 vide Order No.KWA/HO/RMC/R1/950/2020 Dated 31/12/2020.

Date 31-12-2020
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Vide Lr No.KWA/JB/E6A(EST)/11273/18 dated 05/11/2020, issued ditection for cancellation of Working Arrangement in Offices under Kerala Water Authority.

Date 05-11-2020
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Kerala Water Authority - Complying of KWA orders -Strict direction issued vide order No.13556/JS I(EST)/2020/KWA dated 23-10-2020.

Date 23-10-2020
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Kerala Water Authority - Re-structuring of KWA Vigilance wing for administrative convenience vide order No.8116/E2(A)/2020/KWA dated 21-10-2020.

Date 23-10-2020
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KWA - Formation of Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in Kerala Water Authority vide order No.KWA/JB/MD/101/2020 Dated 19-10-2020.

Date 19-10-2020
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Kerala Water Authority - Redeployment of staff as Meter Reading and Revenue related activities - order issued vide No.12521/JS I/(EST)/2020/KWA Dated 16-10-2020.

Date 17-10-2020
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Kerala Water Authority - Ratio Promotion in the intermediary post of Divisional Accounts Officer, Senior Superintendent/ Revenue Ofiicer as per GO(P) No.968/87/Fin Dated 17/11/1987 - Clarification order issued vide No.KWA/JB/E2(B)/9736/2017/DDFS Dated 14/10/2020.

Date 17-10-2020
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Kerala Water Authority - Nomination against Higher Grade post of Executive Engineers in the scale of pay Rs.77000-110600- Orders Issued vide No.8817/E2(A)/2020/KWA Dated 13-10-2020

Date 17-10-2020
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To maintain 4:1 ratio of Meter Reader and Meter Inspector in Kerala Water Authority, 29 Meter Reader posts were shifted and upgraded as Meter Inspector vide order No.12655/E3/2018/KWA Dated 05/10/2020

Date 06-10-2020
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Orders for Group Health Insurance Scheme for Pensioners of Kerala Water Authority for the Year 2021 has been issued vide KWA/HO/E11-1736/2020 Dated 30/09/2020.

Date 01-10-2020
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Kerala Water Authority - Shifting of Posts of Senior Superintendent / Accounts Officer vide Order No.7447/E2(B)/2020/KWA Dated 15/09/2020

Date 15-09-2020
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Bonus, Festival Allowance and Onam Advance sanctined to Kerala Govt Employees and Pensioners vide GO(P)No.107/2020/Fin Dated 15/08/2020 & GO(P)No.108/2020/Fin Dated 15/08/2020 applicable to the employees and pensioners of Kerala Water Authority Vide Order No.8307/E1/2020/KWA Dated 18/08/2020, 

Date 19-08-2020
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Vide Order No.KWA/HO/RMC/R1/1106/2019 Dated 14/08/2020, sanction accorded to State Bank of India (SBI) to implement the IT Powered Core Banking Solution in Kerala Water Authority at zero cost to KWA.

Date 18-08-2020
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Vide order No.6510/E1/2020/KWA(1) Dated 05/08/2020, entrusted the Accounts officer and Revenue Officers of all Regional, Circle and Division offices and Revenue Monitoring Cell Office in Kerala Water Authority for the redessal of Water Bill related complaints.

Date 18-08-2020
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Re-arrangement of post in Vigilance Wing of Kerala Water Authority for Administrative Convenience vide Order No.8116/E2(A)/2020/KWA Dated 12/08/2020

Date 13-08-2020
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Declaration of Managing Director, Kerala Water Authority as the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the various Head of accounts -Sanctioned -Orders issued vide GO(Rt) No.4349/2020/Fin Dated 27-07-2020.

Date 29-07-2020
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Pay fixation of Typist based on Performance Evaluation Report in Kerala Water Authority  vide order No.991/E10/2020/KWA  dated 22-07-2020

Date 28-07-2020
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Transfer /Shifting of Posts in Kerala Water Authority Head office in connection with the implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) vide Order No.KWA/JB/MD/101/2020 Dated 23/07/2020.
Date 24-07-2020
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Declaration of Probation of Senior Superintendent/ Revenue Officer in Kerala Water Authority vide Order No.2241/E2(B)/2020/KWA Dated 15/07/2020

Date 16-07-2020
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Orders issued for the Formation of Project Implementation Unit at Head Officers and its wings at District level in Kerala Water Authority vide Order No: 5518/E2(A)/2020/KWA Dated 30/06/2020

Date 04-07-2020
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Vide Circular No.753/E3/2015/KWA Dated 18/06/2020, issued directions for the appointment of Employment hands on all temporary vacancies of the sanctioned post in Kerala Water Authority.
Date 19-06-2020
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Vide Order No.KWA/JB/HO/E1/17866/2019 Dated 15-06-2020, permitted re-option for Higher Grade for those pay reduced due to  audit objection on Fixation of pay as per Pay Revision 2004 and 2009. The option should be filed within three months from the date of this order.

Date 16-06-2020
File Size 523.98 KB
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Appointment of Technical Member in Kerala Water Authority vide Order GO(Rt) No.350/2020/WRD Dated 29/05/2020
Date 02-06-2020
File Size 389.95 KB
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Formation of PH Division Office at Thiruvananthapuram and Sub Division & Section Offices in Kerala Water Authority vide Order No.KWA/JB/E2(A)/19212/2015 Dated 29/02/2016
Date 02-06-2020
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Circular on Deduction of Subscription for National Pension System in Kerala Water Authority vide Circular No.003/NPS/FIN/KWA Dated 26/05/2015.
Date 26-05-2020
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Vide order GO(Ms)No.33/2020/WRD dated 14/05/2020, order has been issued for the abolition of 52 posts of Lower Division Typist in Kerala Water Authority with immediate effect.

Date 22-05-2020
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Orders issued vide No.3336/E11/2020/KWA Dated 03/05/2020, for the renewal of Group Health Insurance Scheme for Employees and their dependents of Kerala Water Authority for the year 2020-21
Date 22-05-2020
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Vide Circular No.KWA/AO/Estt./General/1001/02 dated 03/03/2020, Sr.AO issued a detailed procedures to be followed for disbursing pension and other retirement benefits of Employees of Kerala Water Authority.

Date 13-05-2020
File Size 1.21 MB
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Vide Order No.3077/AE1(Operation)/2020/KWA Dated 30/03/2020, the Joint Managing Director has enhanced the HR wages to 25% for staff appointed through Kudumbasree/Employment Exchange/Contractor/Other Agencies w.e.f 01/04/2020

Date 31-03-2020
File Size 79.82 KB
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